What is Life Coaching?

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It is OK to have struggles, fears, and concerns, whether business or life-related, but why let them stop you? Most of the time, the clouds of lack of knowledge or limiting beliefs are what block you. 

To generate lasting change, you must remove these clouds from your mind and commit to your growth. Transformational life coaching helps you identify what is holding you back and take the actions you can uphold.

What Are The Benefits of Life Coaching?

Professional life coaching transforms the way you think, feel and act into an actionable meaningful way of living. It is a process that changes you. It involves a series of explorations, tools and methods with your wellbeing in the center of all. With professional life coaching, you generate the clarity, power, and confidence to create your desired action plan.

A life coaching service is the right one for you if you experience any of the following:

  • You seek purpose or motivation in business or personal matters.
  • You seek work-life balance improvement and better time management.
  • You seek something greater in life or feel stuck.
  • You want to build better relations with family, friends, or colleagues.
  • You seek courage, strength, passion, and confidence as things change around you.
  • You want to have more creativity.
  • You have difficulty making decisions, or you need help with accountability.
  • You want to improve your health and live better.

What is Life Coaching with a Coach?

Welcome to your life-enhancing experience. Allow yourself to open up and transform. Find clarity, take control of your life, commit to change and act purposefully.

  • Online 60-minute private structured life coaching session.
  • Complimentary 30-minute discovery meeting for new life coaching clients.
  • Life coaching that is tailor-made to your goals and needs.
  • Safe and confidential sessions to share the things you want.

What is a Life Coach?

We all need someone to talk to. A life coach is more than that. Your life coach is professionally trained to support and guide you towards achieving your goals. But what does a life coach do?

Professional life coaches will not try to imprint any of their own opinions on you. Instead, they will help you remove any blocking you may have towards your desired goals and support and encourage you to keep up and be accountable.

Life Coaching “pokes your brain” and helps you find what you truly want and then keep up with making it happen.

What do life coaches do? Are they limited to specific topics? Your goals may vary from personal projects to professional ones or with changes in your life. Coaches help you identify each and then help you analyze each case, going deep inside your thoughts and beliefs or any other obstacle and help you see these obstacles and understand them. Then they help you identify your plan of action towards your desired goals. A plan that you can uphold.

While professional life coaches encourage and support you with tools and methods to see everything for your goals, they won’t just use “motivational speaking” that has no lasting impact on your goals. They are excellent at finding all the positive values, skills, and potential you already have and may have never noticed all these years. In all these ways, a professional life coach can help you achieve results.

Why is it essential to have a life coach? Having the proper mindset is crucial for any personal or professional goal. A life coach helps you with that, as they help you see the reality of things. 

Seeing the fundamental nature of things and thoughts and their origins gives you the confidence that knowledge gives.

Have you ever experienced any “aha moment” in your life? Do you remember that the thing you discovered was not born there but existed already? You just removed the clouds that stopped you from seeing it. With that knowledge and confidence, you can plan what to do and when and set milestones you can keep up with. Yes, sometimes it is that simple, but the help of a life coach makes it happen and appear clearly in front of you.

When you want to do things right, there is no point in wasting time doing experiments that lead nowhere and cost you on many levels. A life coach helps you to eliminate that wasted time by applying laser-focus methods, tools, and questions towards your goal.

When you don’t know what is holding you back, you have zero knowledge of how to act and plan your life or your business.

When you want to grow and live better, you want to know what blocks you from that happening right now. Is it a lack of resources or a lack of insights and knowledge? Could it be some limiting beliefs and fear? Life coaching helps to “Know Thyself.” That is to know who you are and what you want.

Are you still wondering what is a life coach and what they can do for you? If so, book a free 30-minute discovery meeting, and I will answer all your questions.

FAQs for Life Coaching

How does the coaching process work?

Beyond the first significant discovery meeting, each session focuses on one thing you want to solve or get clarity about. Most of the time, many additional things come up during a session that shows you everything you want to clarify.

Many start with one thing in mind as their issue or goal; along the way, they discover that the root obstacles are entirely different. Such profound moments are ordinary during coaching, and -in a way- they are part of the core of coaching.

Coaching is not a general discussion or a discussion without a scope. Each session is structured to build the structure for yourself and sustain accountability. The coach makes the process pleasant but goes intensely to the task. The coach is not dictating their beliefs to you as a remedy for anything. That is because they don’t “walk in your shoes” every single moment of your life. They help discover, reveal, clarify and plan.

Who can benefit from life coaching ?

Anyone who wants to improve and propel for the best anything in life has the will to do so—anyone who wants to change their life and is seeking a structured way to plan. Not by chance. All successful or high-performing professionals have coaches to their sides. Life coaching is far more from adopting it for crises. You need coaching even if you are successful, as it helps you deal with all the goals and challenges you discover along your way. Coaching helps with gaining or sustaining momentum on everything you want to do.
The best way to get the most from coaching is to have an open mind and the will to share and commit to action. That is an excellent base for success.

What goals can I achieve with life coaching?

There is no actual limit. You can get clarity and make that desirable shift and transformation for any possible topic you put in your mind. It is not by chance that transformational life coaches know that it all ends up being life coaching, either business or personal. Whatever the topic, it ends up working with you, the person. The only way out -from any situation- is through the problem itself.

How to find the right coach?

I can only speak about myself. I have more than 25 years of dealing with many business-related goals analyzing cases and providing solutions. That and continuous engagement in activities like Yoga, Meditation, and performance-heavy sports (i.e., Crossfit) help me understand the roles of effort, commitment, goal setting, and peace of mind. I understand and share your needs to make things happen. Top-up that with my formal I.C.A training and loving to help. In our 30-minute discovery meeting, you will get a good idea and decide how I can help you.

What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

No life coach gives you a solution to follow. That is called “Consulting” or “Mentoring,” and it is not actual coaching or coaching at all. The coach works with you, but they don’t instruct you on what to do. The reason why is because they don’t live your life. They help you by helping you explore yourself towards your goals. They help you reveal what is needed and help you remove any clouds that block you from seeing the true path towards your goals. Coaches use many tools to get you there, but it all ends up in your commitment to making things happen.

What is online life coaching?

Simply put, it is coaching that happens through the web. That means that both the Coach and you meet up via an online environment like, i.e., Zoom or other, and use it to see and listen to each other.
There are other ways to conduct coaching, for example, via phone (or an application that supports voice calls, even Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Facetime, Google Meet, or others).

Is it safe to share my thoughts with a coach?

Coaching involves building a professional relationship with you; no relationship works if no trust is built along the way. Coaching includes the ability to share and open up. Even from your first session, you will notice that you have less to acquire if you don’t share. A coach listens actively and evokes your awareness of the goals you have. You should feel safe to share; this will quickly show up after your discovery meeting or your first session.

What is the difference between a life coach vs a therapist?

A life coach has a distinctive role and is not to be compared with a therapist. Their professions are separated.

A therapist is a health professional who works with a person on beliefs, behaviors, relationship issues, feelings, and more, that belong to past traumas or destructive habits.

A life coach takes the person to their current grounds and helps them set actions towards a specific goal. The life coach enables the person receiving treatment to take control of their life toward their desired destination.

The coach focuses on the future by accepting the person’s current status.

It is a fact that during a coaching session, the person can discover many things from past beliefs that hold them back.

What are the types of life coaching?

There are many, but also specialized types of coaching. Here are a few examples of life coaching:

  • Addiction and sobriety coaching
  • Business, executive, and leadership coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Confidence coaching
  • Dating and relationship coaching
  • Diet and fitness coaching
  • Divorce coaching
  • Family life coaching
  • Financial coaching
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Life skills coaching
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Mental health coaching
  • Mindset coaching
  • Motivational coaching
  • Spirituality coaching
  • Sports coaching

How to start with Life Coaching?

Book the 30-minute discovery session. It is free of charge but with great value. We will meet each other online and share all the information needed. Also, explore what business coaching is.

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