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Christos Vasilopoulos

Deep Transformational Coach

I have more than 25 years of experience working with companies in digital marketing, digital transformation, and business solutions. I run three businesses, all in diverse markets. In that way, I understand and feel the “pain” that comes with managing a business (as an owner or as an executive) and wanting it to grow. It requires skills, stamina, structure, and a mindset for growth (both internally and outside).

Many psychological factors influence daily performance, seeking clarity, and defining a life purpose. Seeking balance in professional life is close to seeking the same in personal life, and often (aka, always) these overlap. I encountered all that within myself and others, and all that (along with the experiences mentioned below) gradually led me to coaching as the next logical step in helping others. Read along.

The one decision to examine life from the prism of how my mind affects perception and the world I took in my 20s placed me on the exact path that influenced the following 30 years.

All my endeavors and decisions were influenced by looking for what lies beneath and what lies inside.

Every single opportunity or blocking was due to that decision, even the direction of my -for years- profession. Thus, I was always a good analyst of Information Technology and a planner of tasks and production.

All that inner engineering created clarity for many decisions while producing confusion for others. Inner work and removing obstacles towards becoming happier is a process; at some point, I understood that.

During all these years, I’ve:

All that and their myriad details started when I wanted to discover what life is about and how the mind works. Eventually, I never regretted that decision of my youth, and I feel gratitude for everything that came my way.

What I actually do, is to use all that understanding in my coaching approach, always wanting to help others achieve their goals.

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