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Whether looking for purpose and balance or dealing with what keeps you or your business back, everything will be solved! I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Growth Mentor with 22+ years of experience in business building and all its “troubles.”. 

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How does Transformation change happen?​

Change happens with a drill-down transformational coaching method that supports mindfulness, understanding, and inner exploration.

Acknowledging the need to understand what keeps you back is a wonderful, courageous step, and that transforms you into the best of you.

Book a 30 minutes discovery session. You will find out what is there for your benefit. It is an essential step in your life.

Decided to move deeper into the real you? Attend your next session and start exploring what is there for you to understand.

It sounds simple, but this is it. For every session you take, you evoke the continuous cycle of transformation whenever you feel ready to do so.

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Transformational Coaching Questions

With coaching for transformation, you truly understand yourself. The coach partners with you to examine your life holistically. Fundamental transformation happens when all the elements that seem to block you are understood, and thus the solution emerges.

The coach dives below the surface and gets to the essence of the problem.

International Coach Federation conducted a study, surveying 210 coaching clients about what they think for the value and of coaching. Here are the benefits:

  • 62.4% smarter goal-setting
  • 60.5% more balanced life
  • 57.1% lower stress levels
  • 52.4% more self-confidence
  • 39.5% enhanced communication skills
  • 35.7% project completion
  • 43.3% improvement in quality of work

The coach allows the person to increase their mindfulness and self-awareness. This helps them to experience the situations in their lives as they really are. The newly gained insights and awareness is ground-breaking for the client and leads to profound changes in all interested aspects of their life.

In typical transitional coaching, the process follows a linear approach starting at the session goal, towards a plan of action.

In transformational coaching, there is a beginning and an end, too (per session). However, the intermediate part is where deep work happens, with building awareness about you (the “Who”) towards the goal, the “What.”

The transformational process happens inside the session, between sessions, and from one session to another. You discover what you are profound.

With such deep awareness and understanding, a shift in perspective happens and leads to actions you can uphold.

You change your current reality by understanding who you are and what you want to achieve. The Greeks mentioned that with the famous phrase “Know Thyself.”

When applied correctly, the transformational coaching method has many similarities with the investigative part of meditation and mindfulness.

You get deep by confronting emotions, past beliefs, thoughts, fears, and many more. The method applies to both daily life goals and business goals.

When you go deep, you can establish long-lasting and mind-blowing changes. These changes transform your life or your business. You acquire a deep perspective on how you deal with life.

For both life and business matters, you can:

  • Become more tolerate and forgiving with you and others.
  • See what is possible to achieve without limitations to your perception.
  • See who you are concerning your dreams, fears, beliefs, cultural environment and influences, and talents.
  • Find the paths toward your goals with a solid and clear mindset.
  • Understand the roles of others and all things in life toward your goals.
  • Understand what “meaning in life” means and how that contributes to your happiness.
  • Have less stress and anxiety about the elements that consist of your life.

It would be best if you decided to improve and understand life to live happier. 

When it comes to business goals, many realize at some point that a series of obstacles they see is directly related to how they perceive themselves, their life, and their role in business and life.

With transformational coaching, we shed light on all these elements, leading to a fulfilling way of existing.

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