Best SEO for Coaches: Let Clients Find You

Without clients, you have a hobby but not a business, right? Rank on the first page of search engines when people search for your niche-related topics to get leads and convert them to clients. Take this one-to-one SEO training with 22+ years of digital marketing and SEO-specialized experts. Read what is included.

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SEO for Coaches: Let Clients Find You


What is SEO for coaches really about? You can immediately implement actionable steps with us on your side. Are you tired of reading posts on SEO for coaches where a small fraction of information is included but no actual, tangible steps to build your content and your website as SEO friendly, from A to Z? No worries, we know. We’ve read them all. Most of these websites use such content as link-baiting. They waste your time and keep you from doing the proper SEO work.

It is not like they do it on purpose. Such websites usually don’t rely on SEO (yes, you read it correctly). Their articles may be long enough but not practical or complete.

Why? For two simple reasons:

  1. As a coach, you want clients. It is one thing to write about coaching niches and coaching training and an entirely different way to do SEO to get clients who are not coaches. The first addresses coach training, and the second addresses everyone else and their challenges (aka marketing to get clients).
  2. The “writer” has to know SEO and digital marketing, right? For example, my other business has been doing that for nearly two decades. I have run a separate digital marketing business since 2004 that provides B2B and B2C services.

So, you understand I haven’t discovered SEO for coaches or digital marketing through coaching. I know what I am talking about, as we’ve been selling, training, and speaking about digital marketing for years (check Channeldoubler Ltd).

Note: This service is one-to-one meetings with a digital marketing specialist, not pre-recorded videos.

Is this SEO training for you?

  • You love helping people, but they first need to find you.
  • You do understand that the future of business is via digital channels (i.e., your website/e-shop).
  • You completed your coaching training but have no experience building a digital business.
  • You don’t have formal coaching training but want to attract clients.
  • You read many articles on “digital marketing,” but you have no idea how to do that in a structured, trackable, accountable manner.

If the answer to any or all of the above is yes, then this training is for you. Don’t waste time and money on experiments. In 2023, that is not needed. You need to learn the right things in a structured way, like in any other school.

Training length

A total of seven hours in seven 60-minute meetings (or 2-hour meetings in case of availability). No more is necessary.

Necessary technology

  1. You need an internet connection and the ability to run Zoom on a laptop (we will provide the Zoom eClass).
  2. If you have an existing website, you can apply this training directly to that. If not, we can provide (free of charge) a demo WordPress installation on our server for training (which will be deleted after the training completion).

What the SEO for Coaches includes?

The topics that are thoroughly covered are:

  1. How to select and evaluate a domain name (yes, before you build a brand or a website).
  2. Basics of branding and branding voice.
  3. Fundamentals of building a website: All the key indicators to consider when selecting a theme, a logo, and a content management platform, before you make your website.
  4. Understanding the process of ranking.
  5. How to set KPIs to track ranking and business progress.
  6. Step-by-step keyword research for on-page SEO.
  7. Money keywords selection process.
  8. SEO navigation structure.
  9. On-Page SEO professional tools research.
  10. Competitor analysis.
  11. Writing on-page SEO content step by step.
  12. Building the website authority.
  13. Selling courses and products with an SEO strategy.

Huge Return On Investment

This SEO course saves you tons of money and time at an affordable cost. Invest in this structured knowledge, not in experiments and mistakes. Knowledge and technology are already here to help you out.

  • Save $1000>$3000 from outsourced SEO works.
  • Save $1000>$150000 from monetization mistakes.
  • Save $1000>$4500 from website building mistakes.

We understand “Startup.”

We know what it means to start with “bootstrap” resources and “shoestring” budgets. We created our training with that in mind.

We cover the correct topics.

The topics mentioned are the ones you need and are things you can learn. Maybe you will decide to assign this work to someone else in the future, but it is best to know how it is done.

No upselling

We don’t try to upsell you. This is a standalone and complete service.

What is this SEO training not

  • No Vague 2-min video “instructions.”
  • No Generic, Vague Texts.
  • No “Get Rich Quick” Schemes.
  • No “Magic Recipes.”
  • Not a vague “Walk-through.”

Are you ready to build an SEO strategy for ranking and getting clients? Buy this training now.

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Our Expertise

How it Works

Session Specifications

Cancellations & Returns

Our priority is always to receive an impeccable experience. You are entitled to a refund (excluding money transfer fees or/and any applicable taxes), no-questions-asked, in these cases:

  • If you cancel your purchased services up to seven days before any single or multi-session service starts.
  • For multi-session services: If you decide that the service was not what you had in mind at the end of the 1st session, you only pay for that 1st session and receive the remaining fees. Example: In a 7-session service, the price is divided into seven equal parts, and you pay one-seventh (1/7th).