Transformational Coaching Services

Transformational Coaching Services

Shift Happens; Experience Coaching with True Change and Progress.

Find clarity in all your business and life goals. My services help you drill down on any subject you want to gain clarity about and set tangible actions you can uphold.

transformational coaching services
transformational coaching services
transformational coaching services

What is Transformational Coaching?

Applies to Business and Personal Challenges.

Transformational coaching is about you, your desires, and your aspirations in life. It is not “motivational speaking” or a simplistic “change that thought for another” method, as such things do not last long. Transformational means changing something in your desired direction & not temporarily covering it up.

To change something, you need to see it clearly for what it is and how it affects you, from all its aspects. This is where I, the coach, come in. In that way, you gain a deeper understanding of everything that puzzles you, setting the ground for gaining clarity. Clarity brings forth confidence and leads to meaningful actions you can take for your life. Prepare to see things as they are and gain peace of mind to choose the best route for you.

Every session is a safe place, and you can literally share everything you desire. There is no judgment or preference. After all, we all share the same desires, fears, and needs. Only our priorities change, and I am here to help you get clarity for yours.

The process and my poking at your brain will help you see things as they are to lead them where you want them to be for your wellbeing.

transformational coaching method
business coaching services

Business Coaching

Business coaching additionally includes Teams Coaching and Executive Coaching. Transform and empower your business. Create clarity and efficiency. Explore and define the proper paths, processes, and resources for what works for you and your business goals.

life coaching services

1 to 1 Life Coaching

Go deep and tap the inner wisdom you already have. Explore your challenges. Reveal the right way to thrive. Shift your perspective to actions you can uphold. Experience life coaching that “pokes your brain” and helps you find what you truly want and then keep up with making it happen.

transformational coaching method

The Perpetual Inner Growth Model

Look Inside. Remove the Obstacles to the Solution. 

Either looking for business or personal clarity, my coaching model is based on the foundations of mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-exploration. It is inspired by the guided meditation process, adapted for transformational coaching. I create the space for you to open up, be safe and calm and go deep inside your tasks, challenges, and feelings.

The model is based on the approach that the path to your answers is clouded, which is why you cannot immediately see the answer; the answer already exists.

The model helps you to clear the clouds and reveal the answer. The clouds may be preconditioned ideas, underlying beliefs, past experiences for seemingly similar circumstances, worries and fears, cultural and economic environments, and many more.

The model helps you to see yourself and your goals as they are, understanding and exploring all the information, concepts, and thoughts about the clouds towards your desired destination.

You see “what is” and “who is,” separating it from the “phenomena” (what appears to be). You are helped to understand the “who” and the “what” and to reflect on your perception of phenomena.

The acquired understanding from the above leads to self-awareness and more clarity, both on the main goal and all the things surrounding the path towards your goal.

When you see yourself and the situations as they really are and things as they really are, you generate the clarity and the information to make decisions. This model changes your perspective on things and ideas and helps you understand and act based on what you really are and deeply desire.

Knowing why you really want to achieve your goal, and having a clear view and perspective for that goal, generates tremendous amounts of creative propelling energy. That is critical in setting your desired accountability methods, seeking the necessary resources, and being self-driven and empowered.

I use the same method (with the proper adjustments and implementation of -per case- tools) to support and empower individuals, teams, or groups to be self-driven with a perpetual way of growing.